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We offer foam in two

different types:

Medium- (medium density)

typically used for seat cushions-

made to hold up under weight.

Firm- (heavy density)

typically used for seat cushions

that need to be extra firm.

We carry in stock:

1/2" to 6" thick 

All foam is available in full size sheets or cut to size to fill your cushions or project needs.

We also offer Dacron wrap to

soften the edges of your foam

and reduce movement.

This gives your cushion

a crowning effect for the

best fit and appearance. 


Both are typically used for

stuffing pillows, loose cushions,

dog beds & crafts

Day Bed Bolsters

Round Bolsters

Bed Wedges

Bed Toppers

Pillow Inserts in both

Feather Down & Poly-fill

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